Real Estate News March 2023


1) January and February were better than expected for home sales. You can see the SOLD signs.

2) Inventory, the number of homes for sale, is tight, which is good for sellers. However, it should increase during the spring.

3) Mortgage rates dropped at the end of last year (still double a year ago). They are starting to rise and many experts expect them to go higher.

4) Employment remains good but cracks are starting to show in tech and some other industries.

5) At the start of March home sales remain good with some homes getting multiple offers and
selling over full price.

Many people believe spring is the best time to sell a home. Everything is nice and green and the flowers are in bloom. Many buyers with kids want to get in a home in the spring or early summer so they are in before the start of school.

This year spring does appear to be a good time to sell. Many buyers are getting an interest buy down for 5 years or an adjustable loan to qualify, with hopes rates will fall in the future and they can refinance. We are glad to help buyers get the home they want too.

Thinking of selling and don’t know what to do or have the funds? Put Ray and Jon’s decades of exp-
erience to work for you. Along with the Compass Concierge program. Funds provided at no cost or interest to sellers, payable at close of escrow.
Call us for details.

Remember, don’t list with Ray and Jon unless you intend to move!