Community News February 2023

February is here along with the Chinese lunar new year, the year of the Rabbit. Is the drought over? We are way ahead in snowpack and rainfall so let’s keep our fingers crossed. The Dodgers are going to retire Fernando Venezuela’s #34 jersey. He sure excited the game and fans when he broke in. QB Tom Brady finally retired for good at age 45. Did you know he was a 6th round draft pick? Congrats to the Lakers’ Lebron James for breaking the all time NBA scoring record, formerly held by Laker Kareem Jabar. Did you know 10,000 people a day in the United States turn 65 years old? In CA 25% of the population will be 60 or older by 2031. February and early March are normally a great time to go whale watching as the grey whales migrate from Baja back to the Arctic. Even if they are a no-show, the dolphins can make for an entertaining outing. There is a saying called the “January Effect.” A good January for stocks sets the table for a good year for the stock market.

Consumer Tip: Home Depot has an offer if you buy 4 forced air heating filters of certain sizes you can save 50% on all four. This is an energy saving purchase, not a sale. Double check before going.