Real Estate News February 2023


Much better than expected with:

1) Mortgage rates are around 5.75% plus or minus.Down from a high of 7% last winter.

2) More qualified buyers have come back in the market after the holidays to purchase a home.

3) Inventory, the number of homes for sale, has not increased much thus keeping supply down and
limiting buyer choices.

4) The stock market came back to life in January which is good for 401ks and consumer confidence.

5) Home prices have firmed up and are not going down. Some homes are even getting multiple offers again and selling over full price.

The Millman Team had a great start to the new year, putting 6 homes in escrow by February 3rd for our happy clients. The secret to our success?

Knowing how to cost effectively fix up a home for sale to maximize its appeal to buyers.
Putting our decades of real estate experience to work for our clients.
Creating a specific marketing plan for each home.
Delivering caring, personal, client-first,
and professional service.

The current uptick in the real estate market may represent a “window of opportunity,” not a change of direction. If you are ready to sell there is no reason to wait. To take advantage of the window before it’s gone, call us today.

Remember, don’t list with Ray and Jon unless you intend to move!