Community News July/August 2023

Hello Friends. Summer is here and so is the warm weather. Will Angels super star Ohtani be a Dodger by the time you get this newsletter or still an Angel? He is a free agent at the end of the season and is expected to get a record breaking $500 million dollar or more long term contract. Pickleball is taking the nation by storm. However, injuries are skyrocketing with people over 50 playing. So be careful out there. Tennis star Djokovic finally lost at Wimbledon, his first loss there in 4 years. A hot summer day is a great time to enjoy a refreshing rootbeer float. The stock market is doing well with the Nasdaq up 37% this year. If you are a saver, shop around as rates you can earn are hitting the high 4% range. Inflation is slowing, however the Fed still thinks it is too high. We may see two more increases before the end of the year. The Torrance Transit Center on Crenshaw is now open. Sriracha sauce is still in short supply because of a shortage of peppers. If you are in the market for a new truck or car, the end of summer is often a good time to purchase one right before the 2024 models start coming out.

Beware of postcards, mailers and phone calls offering great deals from companies you’ve never heard of.
Personally, I called a company from a postcard to trim a palm tree. Their bid was $3100. I called Finley’s Tree service who I have used in the past. Their bid? $650! And they did a great job.
Finley’s Tree & Landcare 310-326-9818

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