Community News October 2022

Hello Friends. Wishing everyone happy Halloween. The Dodgers finished the season with one of the all time best records in baseball with 111 wins. Unfortunately the Padres eliminated them from the play offs. Both USC and UCLA are playing great football. The cross town show down is November 19th at the Rose Bowl. The Lakers are ready to start the season, or are they? How Westbrook fits in may be the key. Gas prices jumped up again breaking $6 a gallon before slipping. However they remain elevated. Stocks are way down from last year and remain in “bear market” territory. If interest rates keep rising they could fall further. Remember to mail in your ballot or vote in person on November 8th. Social security recipients will be getting their biggest raise in 40 years in 2023. CA is going to authorize digital license plates which could be fun. Let’s hope for more rain to break the drought.
Do you miss Marie Calendars? There is one locally at 154667 Western Ave Gardena. 310-516-9595. I love their key lime pies, turkey dinners and of course the corn bread with the sweet butter.