Community News March 2023

Hello friends. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Looks like the drought is broken with record rainfall and snowpack. However, it is still smart to conserve water when you can. Have you recently seen a rainbow? Westbrook has been traded to the Clippers but LeBron got injured so the new look Lakers will have to wait until next year to see what they can do. Looks like both UCLA and USC are headed to March Madness. Alpine Village has been sold and is awaiting development. The historic Star-Kist tuna plant on Terminal Island is being demolished. The family of Cal Worthington, the car showman famous for his dog spot (a tiger) in TV ads, is selling his last dealership and ending an era. Jeff Reitz broke the Guinness Book of World Records with his 2,995 consecutive daily visits to Disneyland. Gas prices appear to be creeping up again. Let’s hope they stay under $5 a gallon.

Consumer Tip Tide Pen: Convenient pocket size pen stain remover for clothes. Carry one in the car and have one at home. Ray has had excellent results with the Tide Pen. Comes in a one or three pack.

Event for April: Bart Hall Long Beach Outdoor Show
Wednesday March 29th – Sunday April 2nd
Long Beach Convention Center
Kids 15 and under free with paid adult